Property Tax Reduction

Did you know that you do not have to pay those high taxes; at least not without a fight.  Many homeowners and business owners simply accept their high taxes and do not fight back.  Do not let taxes burden you anymore, start to fight back!

Property taxes can become a burden on any property.  Property taxes are levied upon all different types of properties by estimating values based on samples used in each township; many properties are overtaxed in this way.   Most individuals and businesses are overpaying on their property taxes and are eligible for a reduction, but have never appealed or unaware that they can be lowered.

Lowering your taxes is simple at LOEM Law.  Simply contact us, provide us with your most recent tax bill and we can do a free analysis to let you know if you have a strong case to lower your property taxes.  There is no obligation for you at that time.  If you do hire us, we will only charge a percentage of what we save you in taxes, if we do not succeed, you do not pay!  Contact us now for your free evaluation